Monday, 28 July 2008

QR me up.

A lot has been said about QR codes, an utilising  them as functional form of campaign measurability / accountability / engagement. Do they work?, Is the infrastructure there within companies to utilise this method of interaction ? In my opinion, at the moment it probably isn't. AS with most things in the mobile market, its about initiating audience participation to being this new mobile experience, which it is for the majority of the public. There are various hurdles that must be overcome, the most obvious one is 'Access'. I won't dwell on this, as this was not the reason for the post. 

I have stolen this particular reference form Iain Tait's blog, but deem it worth a 'copy'. It's fascinating that people are beginning to participate and interact with such a mechanism. This QR velcro patch is a barcode to an individual; one is turning oneself into a product. Check it. Your for $19.99

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