Monday, 28 July 2008

Mars withdraws ad?

What the F*=/ is society coming to. This really gets on my breasts, Snickers have been forced to withdraw the new ' Mr-T' series of ads because it is supposedly offensive to the gay community. 

Because MR-T says " Run like a real man" , to a slightly camp jogger in the scene, it has attracted condemnation from Human Rights Activists Foundation, and thus the spot has been pulled. 

Quote: "HRC workplace director Daryl Herrschaft said the ad perpetuated the notion that the gay community was "a group of second class citizens and that violence against gay people is not only acceptable, but humorous"

Anything surrounding homophobia will always attract a variety of opinions, but i find this quite astonishing that an Ad that has such a humorous tone of voice, can be condemned for such a thing. MR- T drives a f**%ing tank, with huge great gun on the back. Surely this is more offensive?! 

Excuse the pun, but people need to ' Get some Nuts' ! 

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